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Maya enjoying her time with Oscar and Scala

Maya P


We just wanted to write and thank you both for all you have done in looking after Princess Maya.... the dog walks, pics, grooming (including nails and shampoo!), and generally looking after and giving Princess Maya your love and attention.  She has come back very happy and her fur is beautifully soft - she looks great!  She is ready for the front cover of doggy Vogue!  

Steve and I have been saying how much effort, creativity and thought you have put into the dog business.  We loved the dog report and the postcard from Maya which came today.  You offer a very special service, which is unique and a credit to you both. We will have a look at your facebook also and of course would recommend you for grooming or boarding, not just because of the service you provide for the dog, but also for the very friendly, supportive and efficient communications with the owners!  It's been a real pleasure and Maya looks forward to her next vacation with you, Oscar and Scala.Steve and Sue P 09/09/2017

To the people of Beloved pups, Sharon and Vicxko the dynamic duo (DD), are as crazy about your doggies as they are their own. Hudson and Sweetie gave them a try and now want to go back! Sweetie a black lab can be a bit grumpy with other dogs so the dynamic duo met us out in a field for slow doggie integration and it went off without a hitch.Hudson, a BIG Bernese Mountain Dog swent in looking a little worse for wear and came out glamourously groomed and showing off. DD have an open door policy so Hudson and Sweet moved freely with them and their pooches. They kept ME calm by sending me loads of photo updates on the couch getting lovings, out on their walk in the bath tub etc. Sharon and Vicko are absolutely brilliant. I recommend them highly and will be using their services again which really is just their pure love of dogs. Amy , Hudson and Sweetie 09/11/2017 

Isla C

Isla our puppy Cockerpoo has stayed at the Board Groom for a week last October half term and recently for an overnight stay. She was only 4 months old back in October but we had a pre-booked holiday and though a little nervous to leave her so young Sharon and Vicko put us all at ease with a lovely introduction visit. Isla fell in love with them and is always very happy to stay when we visit! The service, faciities, love and care offered is exceptional and second to none we now wouldn't leave her anywhere else. The grooming service too is excellent, great value and flexible to fit around busy families and is free if your dog stays a few days!Thanks lovely ladies Sharon and Vicko @ The Board Groom. The Clays Eastbourne 28/02/2018

Billie G

Hi Sharon and Vicky, Bill was really pleased with the way Billie looked, all clean and soft and trimmed up beautifully and he loves the printed report card as well, very impressed. Thank you both very much from Bill, me and especially Billie. 20/11/2017

Molly and Snoop

Molly and Snoop had a great groom, thank you they look amazing. We will be booking them in again. Emma Eastbourne 21/02/2018y